The way we lead our life says a lot about us and our principles in life. Our day to day lifestyle either makes or breaks our future. Leading a happy and content life is not impossible if we succeed in cultivating great habit than nothing is impossible.

We can lead a monk life if we take inspiration from meditation lifestyle. But why? Because who among us can’t use a little bit of peace, tranquillity, more concentration and mindfulness in our lives? Leading a life of discipline can seem a little hard in the starting but with the passing time, it gets the form into a habit. Today we are going to talk about what is meditation and how can we by adopting some habits can transform our entire lifestyle.

It is good to clear your mind before starting the tea meditation. So, in reality, the tea meditation begins before we even pick up the tea leaves, before we boil the tea kettle. Clearing your mind is important so while you’re enjoying the tea you are not thinking of anything that may be bothering you or things you have to take care of during the day. You are dedicating a time only for yourself and the tea, and at this moment nothing else matters.

You should also find a space to enjoy your tea. This could be any space, but dedicating it to the experience is essential. Many like to do their tea mediation in the same spot every time as with time it gets enriched with the energy of the meditation.

The Meditation Lifestyle provides ‘Real’ and ‘Healthy’ food. Our Philosophy is based on the idea that what you eat is what are. An Overkill in unhealthy, unbalanced or low nutritious food can result in physically and therefore mentally discomfort. When we are feeling less fit it affects our system resulting is deceases, or frustrations. This Lifestyle is taking care of your physical and mental well being and will serve you with Real Food nourishing the body as well as your soul.

Another simple way in order to reduce stress is to simply focus your attention on your breath. It’s a form of “entry-level” meditation that anyone can do. You’ll notice an immediate sense of relaxation that could help protect your health over time.

If you enjoy it, breath meditation can be a gateway to a broader practice of “mindfulness,” in which you learn to accept and appreciate what comes in life and stop fighting your own thoughts and feelings.

Simple breathing meditation requires only that you find a comfortable position in a place with minimal distractions. You may sit, stand, or walk, whichever you prefer. Many people find the sitting position to be the best.

The mind can be a noisy, busy place. As you try to focus your attention, thoughts will often arise. The key is to not get annoyed or impatient with your unquiet mind. Acknowledge the thoughts and let your attention slip from them. Learning to focus attention and relax is a skill, as with any skill, your ability to focus and relax will improve with practice. Of course, you are also free to initiate a session of breath meditation any time you feel stressed out.


If you want to immerse in the meditation lifestyle,  then Mangala Zen Garden is your must-go place when coming to Danang.

The Mangala Zen Garden was inspired by Maha Mangala Sutta’s ”The Buddha Book of Beatitude”. With great emotion, the management team wishes to share the experience of a life full of pleasure with all customers. A wonderful experience of space, sound, taste, deeds and kindness, representing the unity of the resources for an auspicious life, the Mangala life.


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