In accordance with the Housing Law of 2014, tenant contract must be made into written documents, but don’t have to be notarized.

The purpose of making written contract is to protect the benefits of all parties involved.

For tenant contract sample, refer to Decree 76/2015/NĐ-CP on guidelines for law on real estate trading. The content of the tenant contract must conform to Clause 5, Article 121 of the Housing Law of 2014. The parties involved must also pay attention to the following points.


Clause 5 of Article 121 of the Housing Law stipulates that a tenant contract must include the following information:

1. Full name or title of the parties involved (individuals or organizations);
2. Description of the housing transfer;
3. The price of the housing transfer if the parties involved negotiate on the price. If the price is regulated by local authorities, then this regulation must be followed;
4. Deadline and methods of payment;
5. Deadline for housing transfer and renting duration;
6. Rights and responsibilities of the parties involved;
7. Covenants of the parties involved;
8. Other agreements;
9. Effective date;
10. Date of signing contract;
11. Signature and full names of the parties involved. If the parties are organizations, seal (if available) and position of the signer must be provided.

Note: although the law stipulates that the lease contract must contain these contents, the parties can add additional provisions on dispute resolution or provisions of governing law. Because the lease contract is signed between a foreigner, a Vietnamese organization or individuals, therefore all the parties should make provisions on governing law in order to reach an agreement if any dispute occurs.


The content of the tenant contract must conform to Cl  ause 5, Article 121 of the Housing Law of 2014. The parties involved must also pay attention to the following points when negotiating and making contracts:

This must be described in detail in the contract. In the tenant contract, the parties involved must specified the characteristics, location, quantity and condition of the house/apartment. Describing the house/apartment in full and detail will help the parties involved to protect their rights and perform their responsibilities.

For example: The tenant may require the landlord to handover the house/apartment that retains the shape, quality and condition as specified in the contract, in case the landlord fails to handover the house/apartments as specified  in the agreement between both parties.


The way we lead our life says a lot about us and our principles in life. Our day to day lifestyle either makes or breaks our future. Leading a happy and content life is not impossible if we succeed in cultivating great habit than nothing is impossible.

We can lead a monk life if we take inspiration from meditation lifestyle. But why? Because who among us can’t use a little bit of peace, tranquillity, more concentration and mindfulness in our lives? Leading a life of discipline can seem a little hard in the starting but with the passing time, it gets the form into a habit. Today we are going to talk about what is meditation and how can we by adopting some habits can transform our entire lifestyle.

It is good to clear your mind before starting the tea meditation. So, in reality, the tea meditation begins before we even pick up the tea leaves, before we boil the tea kettle. Clearing your mind is important so while you’re enjoying the tea you are not thinking of anything that may be bothering you or things you have to take care of during the day. You are dedicating a time only for yourself and the tea, and at this moment nothing else matters.

You should also find a space to enjoy your tea. This could be any space, but dedicating it to the experience is essential. Many like to do their tea mediation in the same spot every time as with time it gets enriched with the energy of the meditation.

The Meditation Lifestyle provides ‘Real’ and ‘Healthy’ food. Our Philosophy is based on the idea that what you eat is what are. An Overkill in unhealthy, unbalanced or low nutritious food can result in physically and therefore mentally discomfort. When we are feeling less fit it affects our system resulting is deceases, or frustrations. This Lifestyle is taking care of your physical and mental well being and will serve you with Real Food nourishing the body as well as your soul.

Another simple way in order to reduce stress is to simply focus your attention on your breath. It’s a form of “entry-level” meditation that anyone can do. You’ll notice an immediate sense of relaxation that could help protect your health over time.

If you enjoy it, breath meditation can be a gateway to a broader practice of “mindfulness,” in which you learn to accept and appreciate what comes in life and stop fighting your own thoughts and feelings.

Simple breathing meditation requires only that you find a comfortable position in a place with minimal distractions. You may sit, stand, or walk, whichever you prefer. Many people find the sitting position to be the best.

The mind can be a noisy, busy place. As you try to focus your attention, thoughts will often arise. The key is to not get annoyed or impatient with your unquiet mind. Acknowledge the thoughts and let your attention slip from them. Learning to focus attention and relax is a skill, as with any skill, your ability to focus and relax will improve with practice. Of course, you are also free to initiate a session of breath meditation any time you feel stressed out.


If you want to immerse in the meditation lifestyle,  then Mangala Zen Garden is your must-go place when coming to Danang.

The Mangala Zen Garden was inspired by Maha Mangala Sutta’s ”The Buddha Book of Beatitude”. With great emotion, the management team wishes to share the experience of a life full of pleasure with all customers. A wonderful experience of space, sound, taste, deeds and kindness, representing the unity of the resources for an auspicious life, the Mangala life.



Hoi An city is famous for the beauty of traditional architecture, the harmony of houses, walls and roads. Along with the ups and downs of the history, Hoi An ancient town still retains the features of ancient and mossy style in each tile roof, brick, and tree as the idyllic character, and the essence of the local people.

Hoi An is an ancient town which is located downstream of Thu Bon River, delta area of Quang Nam province Vietnam, about 30km from Da Nang City in southern direction. Thanks to its favorable location, Hoi An was a thriving and prominent international commercial port. From the late 19th century, due to the many unfavorable factors, Hoi An degraded and finally lost the bustle, transfer its role to Danang mechanical port. But so, Hoi An was protected from distortion of a latter-day town under the influence of modern urbanization to become an ancient town with unique and great architectural characteristic.

Streets in the Hoi An ancient town are laid out along the chessboard with short and beautiful appearances, winding and embracing the houses. Hoi An’s architectural relics are very rich and beautiful, so this place has always attracted both domestic and foreign tourists to visit. Traveling to Hoi An, tourists will realize that time seems to have stopped here in each roof covered with yin-yang moss, old gray wall tiles, preserved from ancient and survived to this day. Hoi An, the ancient beauty conquers the heart of tourists when referring to Vietnam. Let’s come to Hoi An and find out its specialties that mask the unique beauty.

Fujian Assembly Hall

The photogenic Fujian (Phuc Kien) assembly hall was created as a place in which residents from Fujian in China could meet up and socialise whilst living or visiting Hoi An. Built around 1690 with the main gate added much later, the assembly hall is also a World Cultural Heritage site and is much visited today by those seeking a glimpse of this superb piece of architecture. The inside of the assembly hall contains the Jinshang Mountain temple, a temple which is dedicated to Thien Hau, the goddess of the sea and caretaker of sailors, featuring altars adorned with delicately dragons.

Phung Hung Old House

The Old House of Phung Hung was established in the year 1780. The building is two storied. Here you can see a unique blending of two different architectural styles. The different floors are designed in two different styles. The Japanese style of four-sided roof can be perceived in the ground floor. On the other hand you will see a round shaped roof that reflects a turtle shell in the upper floor. You will also find various handicrafts that reflect the tradition and culture of Vietnam.

Quang Dong Assembly Hall

Right from the gate, the architecture of the building has been outstanding, attracting visitors. Have a look at the dragon, the unicorn decorated on the roof, and the carved sculptures on the column. Travel to the old town, in addition to other famous places, remember to visit the Quang Dong Assembly Hall with more than 100 years of existence to be able to firstly explore traditional Chinese traditions, admire the unique architecture of this assembly hall.

Trieu Chau Assembly Hall

The house’s owners hope this God will always bring luck to them and help them travel smoothly on the sea. Formerly, people often went to the house at night to pray because they thought that all their wishes would come true. The most outstanding features of the house are a sophisticatedly carved wooden frame, decorative designs, beautiful wooden patterns and embossed patterns made of porcelain pieces.

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