• Giving suggestion on finding an apartment in the building that best fit your requirement and tips on moving in and setting up
  • Informing you of landlord’s legal documents that need to be checked
  • Helping you to decide what terms of the tenancy will be and prepare for you to negotiate with the landlord if needed
  • Supporting on preventing or settling any conflicts between you and the landlord.
  • Providing a list of useful contacts of from emergency like Police Station or Hospital to helpful service like Building Management Office or Solicitor.
  • Helping on dealing with the problems that you may face during the tenancy, from financial or legal problems to complain about security or services quality.
  • Reminding you when the time of payment or the end of the tenancy is near
  • Supporting on doing the paperwork and communicating with the landlord in case you want your tenancy extended.
  •  Preparing the documents that needed
  • Helping you on re-checking any financial documents and making sure the deposit is handled rightly
  • Providing a carefully cleaning for apartment.

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